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  Cina Proxy Server Project (visual-basic)



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Do you have several machines on a network, but only one connection to the internet?
Wish you could browse the net from the other machines, just like you can from the machine that's connected?

Then what you're looking for is called a Proxy Server, and this Site has just what you want.
But this is not all: This Proxy is written in the easiest programming language visual basic 6.
This Proxy Server if free and the source is also free available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
If you ever want to look inside a proxy - this is a tutorial for almost the things a proxy needs - feel free to modify
it for your purposes and your private needs.

The Cina Proxy is not so easy to configure, because of so many features. It allows any other machine on your local network to route it's requests through a central machine. Run the Proxy on the machine with the internet connection; configure the other machines to use a proxy (it's easy), and from now on you're surfing the web from any other machine on your network!
It works great with Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL, AOL Instant Messenger, Microsoft Messenger, and many more!

The Cina Proxy provides Internet access via a single modem, ISDN or DSL connection, for a group of LAN users. It is installed on the machine where the analog, ISDN or DSL-modem is plugged in and acts as the server.
An HTTP server is included. Cina Proxy can be used for the local testing of webpages or to build an Intranet. The Web-Server Plug-In supports CGI(PHP3 / 4) scripting.

The Cina Proxy is not a router and does not perform NAT (Network Address Translation). It only works with software that be configured to communicate through a proxy / firewall. Some programs can be persuaded to cooperate by using 3rd party utilities such as sockscap.

The project tells you how to build up a free proxy server for your little lan (up to 6 users tested) with a gnu gpl proxy written in vb 6.0. Features are: http-proxy, web-server (php-support,XML-support,dir),socks5,smtp relay, telnet-port-mapping, internet-mail support,remote admin via Crypto API, atomic syncer, dyndns updater and many many more (full details see below) techniques used: winsock.ocx, crypto api, msxml, Java, rasapi, ...

This page introduces a multifunctional proxy project completly written in vb6. project life time since 2 years. good combination of techniques and algorithms shown in serveral other projects that have same aims. the project is just a tutorial how to design a smart proxy for your lan. it is not a solution, but it can solve serveral problems that might not sell your firewall. This project is just in alpha release phase, but if you are interested in proxy programming send your feedback. if this project could not been run on your machine please report it - it has been developed on a german w2k-os.

This project is in subject to change and the online site will be modified in the future.
Please be advised that I'm currently in the process of rewriting large portions of the Site Documentation collection.
This document is slated to be replaced with new content. The content within this document is not necessarily
up-to-date. Please watch for an updated version of this document to appear in coming weeks.

All information about the internet and its protocols can be found in RFC documents which are freely available on the net - use your search engine. I learned network programming from try and error and the SDK.

As I do not want others to be able to sell the Cina Proxy as an expensive product, I am using the GNU General Public License.
BUT see the details of this license.